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Is anyone else here?

or am I just posting to myself now? This will mark my 6th post here in a row with no replies.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,053 / 60,000
If I keep up my Sunday rate, I'll at least make the 50 K win point tomorrow, and hopefully reach the end point within another day or so.
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Chris Baty claimed 35 K was the magic amount to reach for week 3. I made it just before midnight Sunday!

I wrote more than 5000 words this weekend. I hope to have more great days upcoming now.
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Close to my weekend goal!

Current WC: 21020. I'm part of a challenge here in Montreal to reach 25 K by 11:59 PM Sunday. 4 K in 12 hours from my wakeup to Smallville on TV? That's doable.

I realized today how a more detailed outline would help me to keep details straight: I've been working with my characters in Detroit for about 2 K now. Thing is: I had them in San Bernadino CA near the start of the story! Ah well, I'll fix that in a later draft.
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got tea?

still inching along.

My progress slowed down -- again -- but I'm still moving along. I went to a local write-in last night, but because I arrived late, I didn't want to bother anyone so didn't introduce myself. Figured I'd save that for another time. Anyway, wrote a little over another thousand words last night at the coffee shop it was held in.

Among those thousand words were some dialogue that I like, a lot bantering back and forth between the MC and her best friend. The bantering even serves a purpose. Go me. :)
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